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Virtualization Software Alternatives

Besides Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop software there are several other solutions on the market which allow desktop virtualization.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD is a cloud virtualization solution from Microsoft which support both application and desktop virtualization. Besides it also provides various other features enabled by cloud like host pools, control over virtual machine distribution, access to the cloud virtual machines from anywhere, and many more.

The great benefit of cloud software virtualization is that no local server hardware is needed for the business to operate. When cloud virtualization solution from Microsoft is used all high load operations are concentrated in the cloud.

GPU Optimized Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure cloud allows configuring virtual machines to be specifically optimized for NVIDIA GRID and AMD Radeon solutions. You can select from various kinds of virtual machines specifically optimized for different GPU processing tasks. Azure cloud provides machines with GPUs which include AMD Radeon MI25, NVIDIA Tesla M60, NVIDIA Tesla P40, NVIDIA Tesla V100.

Performance Optimized Virtual Machines

Besides GPU optimized virtual machines could be optimized for other kinds of tasks like computation, memory intensive tasks, etc. For these purposes Microsoft Azure has HC-series machines with up to 8168 cores for parallel computation tasks, H-series machines optimized for higher CPU frequencies, HB-series machines optimized for high bandwidth memory tasks and HBv2-series for RDMA optimized tasks.

Requirements to operate Windows Virtual Desktop

You will need following installed in your organization:

  • All your employee information should be loaded into Azure Active Directory. Access to all applications that you will use from the cloud or from your local resources will be managed by it
  • You will need a Windows Server with Windows Server Active Directory on it. Azure Active Directory should be connected and synchronized with Windows Server Active Directory.
  • An Azure subscription for your organization. Subscription should contain a virtual network which is connected to Windows Server Active Directory.
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