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Citrix has been one of the leaders in virtualization desktop solutions for many years and it was a logical step for them to introduce Citrix Cloud in 2015. Citrix Cloud utilized existing technology and solution experience that Citrix had with VDI and RDS business deployments and transitioned it to the cloud. Any Citrix component could be placed in the cloud including VDAs, Hypervisor and StoreFront servers. Citrix cloud components could be both located inside the Citrix Cloud and also on the premises.

Citrix Cloud could be configured with Workspace Cloud Connector. It allows to access cloud components including Virtual Delivery Agent, StoreFront, Receiver and PowerShell SDK.

Below are short descriptions of these components:

  • Virtual Delivery Agent or VDA enables connections to applications and desktops. Virtual Delivery Agent is installed on the client machines which run apps or virtual desktops.
  • StoreFront allows to create universal enterprise app stores.
  • Citrix Receiver provides a software client to deliver high definition connection to virtual desktops and applications.
  • PowerShell SDK allows developers to code customized management tasks similar to what is possible with Citrix Studio Console.
  • XenDesktop allows creating and managing virtual machine images on the server.

You can establish an external connection to Citrix Cloud components using one of the following methods:

  • You can place NetScaler system in the perimeter network and two StoreFront servers inside the internal on-premises domain.
  • Alternatively, you can use NetScaler Gateway. In this case connections will be established through Workspace Cloud StoreFront URL.

To calculate approximate cost of Citrix Cloud solution you can use Citrix Workspace calculator. You can also compare different editions of Citrix Workspace at the feature matrix. Citrix Workspace is available as Standard, Premium and Premium Plus solutions.

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