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ICA File Format

ICA files are used by Citrix Quick Launch Tool to save connection settings for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. These files are very useful when it is necessary to save certain connection settings for later use, backup connection settings or send them to another person.

ICA files are textual and are stored in a format which is quite similar to Windows INI files. ICA file can have multiple sections which are delimited by their names in square brackets. Each section can have one or multiple parameter separated by line breaks. Each parameter has a value assigned to it. An example line for a parameter value assignment is:

Param1 = Value1

Here Param1 is a name of the parameter and Value1 is a value name.

ICA file can also contain comments which start with a semicolon. For multiline comments each line should start with a semicolon.

Below are some of the most important sections of the ICA file:

  • ApplicationServers – contains the name of the connection
  • Access – section with parameters which specify connection. This includes remote host IP address, transport protocol, remote username, encrypted remote user password, initial program to launch, initial working directory. It also includes graphics connection parameters like video resolution, percent of screen size, desired color depth.
  • WFClient – specifies parameters for WinFrame client
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ICA Quick Info
  Independent Computing Architecture Connection File
Opens with
  Citrix Quick Launcher
  Citrix Receiver