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ICA File Troubleshooting

Problem: Users using ICA file to connect experience problems related to connection, performance, user experience of the application, etc.

Switch to Citrix Receiver in order to avoid problems with ICA file. ICA files are primarily used for debugging and development purposes and are not supported by Citrix support. Citrix support will recommend you switching from an ICA file to Citrix Receiver and use it from now on.

Problem: Online Citrix Workspace app prompts to download and save launch.ica file during launch.

If launch.ica file that you download will not launch you will need to associate it with specific version of Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace app. To do this open Windows file explorer and navigate to launch.ica file download location. Click right mouse button on launch.ica file and click on “Open with” menu item. You will see list of suggested applications to open it. If you don’t see Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace application there, then click on the “Choose another app” menu item below. File open dialog will open. Navigate to the location of the Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace that you want to use, select the executable and double click it or click on the “Open” button in the dialog. Your ICA file will now associate with the Citrix application you chose.

Problem: ICA files are not opening by Citrix applications.

In order to fix this problem, you need to correctly associate ICA file extension with the right Citrix application. To fix it on Windows 10 navigate to Settings. Click on “Apps”. Select “Default Apps” from the list on the left side. Scroll pane on the right to the bottom and select “Choose default apps by file type”. It may take a while to load all default apps. In the list look for .ICA file type. Click an icon on the right (or a “Choose a default” button) and select correct Citrix application to open the file.

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ICA Quick Info
  Independent Computing Architecture Connection File
Opens with
  Citrix Quick Launcher
  Citrix Receiver