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What is ICA file?

ICA is a file extension used by Citrix Client files. They are used by Citrix client applications to connect to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop and other Citrix server applications.

Are ICA files binary?

ICA file is a plain text configuration file which defines parameters which Citrix client application or web plugin will use to connect to a remote server. ICA file contains server address, transport protocol, compression library, encryption and many other parameters required to connect to a remote computer.

What applications can I use to open ICA file?

ICA file could be created by text editor, Citrix ICA File Creator, Citrix Quick Launch. Citrix Quick Launch allows to connect to a remote server and save connection parameters to the ICA file. Citrix Quick Launch could be also used to open ICA file which was previously created by Citrix software.

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ICA Quick Info
  Independent Computing Architecture Connection File
Opens with
  Citrix Quick Launcher
  Citrix Receiver