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Remote Desktop Software

Software which allows remote access and control of one computer by one or multiple others is called remote desktop software. Remote desktop software captures mouse and keyboard interactions performed by a user on a client computer and transfers them to the remote host. In the same way it captures sound, video and sometimes even 3D graphics from the remote hosts, transfers it back and replays it to the user.

Typically, remote desktop access is performed by a client software which connects to a server using remote desktop protocol. The client software is installed on a local computer which can connect to a server with a server software installed on it.

Remote desktop access could be performed via multiple protocols. Below is a list of most popular ones:

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) – Protocol designed by Microsoft for Windows based remote desktop software
  • Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) – Citrix proprietary protocol for an application server system
  • Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (RFB) – protocol used by a popular VNC open source remote software
  • Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) – remote desktop software designed by Apple for Mac OS devices

Remote Desktop Software Uses

Remote desktop software could be used to connect from one computer to another remotely.

It also could be used to control multiple devices from a single device.

In an enterprise environment RDP software could be used to connect to cloud instances of remote computers using VPN services.

Remote Desktop Software in the Cloud

With advent of the cloud solutions remote desktop software also changed and it is now used as part of desktop virtualization solution. Instead of a server providing clients with remote desktop connection to a specific server cloud virtualization software allow accessing user desktop from any device anytime via internet connection. Cloud desktop virtualization could be more efficient for enterprises because it doesn’t require local server setup.

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