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Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Desktop virtualization is a software-based version of computer desktop environment and operating system which is not connected to any end-user device. Since virtualized desktop is not dependent on a specific device it is possible for end-user to access from any available device.

There are three different ways how desktop virtualization could be implemented.


Remote Desktop Services or RDS is a virtualization model where multiple users can connect to one server using remote desktop connection. Only one operating system is installed on a server and an individual session is created for each user. All users connecting via RDS will be using the same resources and applications. Customizations of components on each RDS session are limited since all apps and components are preinstalled on the host operating system and only could be changed for all users at the same time. Per client licensing model is typically for RDS.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is a virtualization model where every client has individual virtual machine running on the server. Each user connecting to the server will have a separate virtual machine with dedicated resources, hard drive space and software. This allows for a significant level of customization of software components and operating system settings for each virtual machine. Per device licensing model is typically used for VDI.


In Desktop as a service virtualization model virtual machines are stored in the cloud and users can receive access to operating system or application from anywhere any time and on any device. DAAS gives great flexibility for organizations to build and scale their enterprise software solution. solution. An example of DAAS from Microsoft is Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD. With WVD delivered via Azure Cloud Microsoft enables end users to access their Windows desktops using either HTML5 client accessible via the internet browser or Remote Desktop client software which could be installed on any device running Windows, Android, iOS or MacOS.

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